Saturday, January 30, 2010

Running in the Kitchen!

 I enjoy cooking, and lately 2 cooking magazines that I cannot live without are "Food Network Magazine" and "Food and Wine". I love watching Alton Brown, and Iron Chef, so that's where I learned about the Food Network Magazine, and in an airport on the way to Hawaii (more about that later) I discovered Food and Wine. While browsing through I came across a recipe for Skirt Steak and Sunchoke/Kale Hash. I've never heard of a Sunchoke, so after some research and a trip to Whole Foods, I came home with my first purchase of sunchokes. It's actually a "tuber" from the Aster flower family!  It looks like ginger and tastes very much like a potato.

The recipe called for peeling the sunchoke, but my hubby nearly lost a finger peeling these gnarled veggies!  (You don't actually need to peel them since the skin is thin like a potato.)  Here's a "shout-out" to my cooking husband - we like cooking together and usually do a pretty good job together - I said USUALLY!

The Sunchoke/Kale Hash was really delicious and so the sunchoke has become my current favorite veggie/tuber, if one can really say they have a favorite tuber!!

Since the hash, I made a Sunchoke & Mushroom Saute that was tasty too!  
However, we didn't dice the sunchokes small enough for the saute - they took a little too long to soften, but now we know that they taste pretty good crunchy too!  Well, we're learning with each new dish.  Sunchokes are great so far in enhancing the flavors of other veggies, so my next cooking adventure will be a Sunchoke Saute with just butter and parsley.  I'll let you know how it turns out!  
So, do you have any "go-to" veggies that you love?

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