Monday, April 18, 2011 Spurts!

Had a great run last Saturday with my training group.  8 miles on a new route.  I was running with a gal that I met in the training group - Running Buddy 2!  So RB2 and I got to talking about intervals.  She's been running about a year (I think) and has been running around 4 minute intervals, with a 1 minute walk.  I'm running 7 1/2 minutes with a 45 second walk.

We started talking about how running the intervals seems to have given us more endurance.  When I first started running, about 2 1/2 years ago, I didn't run intervals.  I ran a 5k race in about 32 minutes.  Running Buddy 1 got me running intervals.  She trained with Team in Training and that was how they trained for a marathon.  Ultimately she was running 9 minutes with a 1 minute walk.  So, after I started running intervals, I ran that same 5k race a year later in 29 minutes. 

I really think that the intervals have helped me build that endurance and faster speed.  However, our trainer, the Running Ghost, doesn't seem to be a fan of intervals.  He has "encouraged" both me and RB2 to move away from the intervals. 

Here's my question to all you runner's out there...How do you feel about intervals?  Are you using intervals?  Have you seen benefits with them?

Thanks for stopping by today!  I have a 10 mile race next Saturday - so excited!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Running with Shadows!

I'm linking up with Harriet at Hey Harriet for another Shadow Shot Sunday!  Check out her blog - there are simply amazing photos!  Love this!
So, here is my Shadow Shot - my sweet little kitty Sophie!  

I'm becoming obsessed with turning my photos into black and whites, and the ones with shadows are really cool - if I do say so myself!

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Friday, April 15, 2011


I love it RAW!  No, not like the World Wrestling Federation kind of raw, but the Sushi kind of raw!  Yum!!  So, here it is Friday, during the Lenten season, and every practicing Catholic is either at McDonald's getting their Filet-o-Fish, or at the local sushi restaurants!  My choice tonight?  Sushi!  I love sushi!  And, what could be better than drive-thru sushi?  A little place opened up a couple months ago - drive thru!  Nice!

Here is what we ordered tonight!  Seaweed salad (very crunchy, but gets in your teeth), California Roll, Rainbow Roll, and a Lion Roll.  First time trying the Lion Roll - it crab and tempura shrimp with a spicy sauce and dynomite sauce.  Pretty good - the sushi maker put shredded carrots around it to make it look like a lion - cute!

My favorite though is sashimi (raw fish with no rice).  I love salmon, tuna, and octopus!  We tried to make our own last summer.  Went to our local fish market and bought 1/2 pound of salmon and tuna.  Now, 1/2 a pound doesn't sound like that much, but once we cut it up, it turned out to be something like 25 pieces.  We made ourselves sick eating so much.  I think we figured it wouldn't keep, so we had to eat it.  Honestly, it was a while before I could face sashimi again.  You know, too much of a good thing...

We had the absolute best sushi several years ago when we vacationed in Oahu.  We went to a restaurant called Sushi Sasabune.  They offered something called the "Trust Me" meal.  If you are an adventurer, they will bring you all the fresh fish that has been caught that day.  Each time they brought a new plate they would explain where it was caught, the best sauces to use, and how to eat it.  They just needed to tell me its mother's name, and we would have been on a first name basis.  It was so incredibly fresh and delicious!  Hubby and I made these faces of "eating ectasy" with every piece we ate!  The sushi chefs were laughing at us and our crazy faces - we didn't care!

So, are you a sushi eater?  What's your favorite kind?  Are you open to trying something unusual?

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Just finished my Tuesday tempo run - ugh!  It felt very random - felt good for a while, then...not so much!  I don't think Cake Pops are actually an energy food, and that's pretty much what I was feasting on today!  Randomly, here are my latest creations!  I'm totally stealing ideas from Starbucks, who obviously stole their ideas from someone else!  
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Rocky Road

Sprinkles and Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean
Random Thought #1
Finally finished my traffic ticket saga.  Attended traffic school - online!  Truly, the only way anyone should do it.  Years ago I went to an actual  "sit down" traffic school - pure, slow agony for 8 hours.  Online, it took me about an hour, and here's some factual tidbits I learned.  Did you know...

1) A commercial truck driver can register a 0.01% blood alcohol level and still not be cited!  Um, should a commercial truck driver be drinking at all?

2)  Bicycle accidents cost over 8 billion dollars a year.  Thank goodness I don't own a bike anymore - I couldn't afford it!

3)  A motorcycle helmet should fit snugly...I had to pay to find that out?

Random Thought #2 (Warning...if you don't want to read about bodily functions, please skip to #3)

My stomach was a little upset during my a "gassy way" (sorry).  

 This hasn't really happened to me before, but I was "passing some gas" during my run.  I kept hoping that everyone I ran by had an iPod blaring in their ears so they wouldn't hear me.  Does this every happen to anyone else?

Random Thought #3
I  love my moon roof!  

I especially love to open it in the evenings.  Love that cool air coming through the roof, and some good music on a CD.  I'm listening to Bonnie Raitt lately - love her bluesy voice!

Ok, your turn...what's randomly going on with you?

Thanks for stopping by today!

Friday, April 8, 2011


I'm a good way!  What, you may, ask am I obsessed by?  These little delights!

Cake Balls!

Yeah, I know, I love just saying the name too...cake balls...cake balls...cake balls.  Ok, the official name is Cake Pops - if you want to get all technical!

I am obsessed with them!  I've made, perhaps, 4 batches in the last month, and I have 2 batches ready to go in the fridge!  They are delicious, dangerously bite-sized, and so easy to make! And, they taste like a little chocolate covered truffle!
I first heard about them from a friend at work.  Then, I googled them and found so many wonderful blogs with cake pop/ball ideas!  Check out this one - Bakerella- apparently the first to ever introduce them!

Here's what you do:
1)  Make a box cake and let cool.

2)  Crumble in a bowl and add 1/2 cup of canned frosting.  Mix into a "truffle-like" dough.

3)  Refrigerate over night.

4)  Roll and smash into little balls!  Refrigerate again, over night.
5)  Buy candy melts - I use Wilton.  Melt and dip a lollipop stick into the melted candy, and insert into the cake balls.  Let sit for a short time, and then dip the entire ball into the melted candy.  Sprinkle on anything you want!

6)  Stick these lollipop sticks into styrofoam to let dry and harden.

7)  Pour yourself a glass of milk and watch them disappear.

8)  Go to department store and purchase a new pair of jeans in the next size up, now that you have discovered cake balls!

I found an idea for cake pop carrots!  They are awaiting me in the fridge - I'll let you know how mine turn out - great idea!!

Thanks for visiting!  And, in case you haven't noticed...after not blogging for 2 months, I have now gone a full 7 days of posting!  Yeah me!!

Now, let me know what lovely delight you are obsessed with!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Running with 3 things!

Today I'm going to institute my own little version of "3-thing Thursday"!  I want to share 3 tv programs that I can't live without these days!
  1.  Top Shot - I'm not a gun owner, nor have I ever fired a gun, but this show is very entertaining!  Every week the contestants learn about and use some kind of weapon.  Of course, they have pistols and shot guns and military rifles, but they have also used blow guns, tomahawks, and bowie knives!  It's very cool to learn the history of all these weapons and see how an expert pistol shooter suddenly performs when they have to deal with popping balloons with a dart gun!  And yes, that's Colby from Survivor!  He's the host.  I liked him on Survivor, but he can be incredibly irritating on Top Shot.  He narrates the contests each week.  Something like, "Sam misses his first shot.  Sam hits his next shot.  Oh, Sam missed his third shot.  Sam hits the fourth shot."  You just know that at some point during the season, someone is going to think about shooting him, just to put the viewers out of the misery of listening to him!  (not really - hope it never happens)

2.  Justified - Oh, my.  This show is really, really good!  U.S. Deputy Marshal Raylon Givens is the main character - a man who straddles the line between right and wrong.  He's very sexy, and cool, and...well you get my meaning.  The actor has been in a bunch of other shows and movies - Die Hard (the last one), Deadwood (HBO), Hitman (movie).  He's really good on this show!

But, the character of Boyd Crowder is so good too!  He's a criminal, torn between Jesus and crime!  But he is just hilarious at times with his twang and reasoning behind everything he does.  The actor is really good!  Last season he preached in a little "backwoods" church - just fabulous!  You've got to rent last season's episodes - I think last season was better than this season.


3)  Modern Family - hysterical, hilarious, pee-inducing funny!  (Almost always!)  I love every character on this show.  I think I've seen myself in every single one of the characters!  Yes, even the gay couple! I love Gloria's character, but sometimes she borders on shrill and stereo-typed.  I hope the writers don't go there very often! 

I'd love to hear what shows you've been watching lately!
Thanks for stopping by today!  (Do you realize that this is the 6th day in a row for my blogging?  I'm so excited!  One-more-day!  I-can-do-it!)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Running with beauty!

I'm joining up with A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday today! 

Outdoor Wednesday: Click on the picture below to learn more...

Here was the view from my house one beautiful morning last week! 

Each moment of the year has its own beauty . . . a picture which was never before and shall never be seen again.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

In nature we see where God has been.  In our fellow man, we see where He is still at work. 
~Robert Brault
No further explanation necessary.
Be sure to visit the other participants over at A Southern Daydreamer - thanks for stopping by today!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Day 4 in a row - man, I should take some time off from blogging again, it has inspired me!!

As I mentioned before, I have signed up for a 1/2 marathon training group!  There's a new 1/2 marathon in my hometown that is coursing (is that a word?) through downtown, the local ballpark, and the zoo!  It's really cool, and has (the best part) a fantastic goodie bag, and (an even better part) an ice cream sundae bar at the finish!  The race is in May.
My training group meets on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  Tuesday is our intense day, and Saturday is the long run day.  We alternate workouts on Tuesdays.  The first Tuesday was 400s at the high school.  My pace is 400 in 2:12.  I actually love this workout.  I'm finding that I like short runs.  Perhaps it is my short attention span...squirrel! 

The next Tuesday was a tempo pace run.  I have to admit that I've read about tempo runs on other running blogs, but have never actually done one.  I now have to admit that I hate this workout!  We warm-up at a slow pace for 10 minutes, then Kyle (our trainer) yells, "Tempo!"  Now I have to run for 20 minutes at a 9:10 pace, and every other week, the minutes increase by 5.  The area we run in has lots of bugs, so there I am panting, inhaling bugs!  Ah well, it's protein! 

Kyle is from my local running store (shout out for Sierra Running Company).  He is like a running ghost.  He sends us off to run to our starting point, and before we get there, he appears ahead of us!  We had to do a Magic Mile at the beginning of our training.  This Magic Mile consisted of me running 1 mile as fast as I could.  Kyle kept saying, "I'm sure you haven't run an all-out mile since high school."  Um, no, I've never run an all-out mile!  He started us off and said he would meet us at the end.  I'm thinking, "Buddy, how fast are you?"  Turns out - very fast!  My mile was 8:15 (I'm so damn proud of that!).  I swear, by the time I got to Kyle and his stop watch, he'd had time to run to McDonalds and Starbucks!  I know I saw a wadded up Big Mac wrapper by his feet!

Well, it's Tuesday and I'm hurt! 

Last Tuesday after my tempo run, I felt good.  When I woke up on Wednesday my foot hurt on the outer edge.  By Thursday I could barely walk!  I thought for sure my knee would be the body part to go first - not my foot!  Had to go to the Orthopedist and took x-rays.  The verdict?  I have an inflammed Peroneus Brevis tendon. Huh?  The doctor said to not run for a week and a half!  Huh?  So, after investigating more on the internet, I've found some exercises, plunged my foot into an ice bath, and taken the very nice medicine for pain that the Dr. gave me.  My foot feels better - and I'm trying to make myself not run for 1 1/2 weeks...ok...maybe 1 week.  I'm itching though!  I've got to keep telling myself that if I push it, I'll be out for even more than 1 1/2 weeks!  So, it's Tuesday, and I'm resting!

Please, all you runners out there...let me hear your injury stories...please...share!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Running with change!

Today I'm linking up with Between Naps on the Porch for her Metamorphisis Monday. 

Something I really love, as you may know, is wine.  The "Infamous" Wine Gurus took hubby and me on a Napa Valley Road Trip last summer.  We came home with a few bottles, ok, more than a few, ok, about a case and a half (which equals about 18 - 20 bottles).  Well, when we only had a few bottles, we kept them in our clothes closet.  Yeah, not fancy at all, but it was the summer time when we began really drinking good wine, and the kitchen in the summer is pretty warm.  So, when we walked in the house with almost 2 cases of wine, it looked like all my shoe shelves would have to be sacrificed for wine.  My love of shoes and wine is close to equal, but my shoes already had a home.  So, an idea was born...

At the end of our hallway is a tiny little linen closet.  Really, too tiny for towels and sheets, so it was filled with a hodge-podge of stuff - scrapbooks, paper, computer supplies.    My idea was to transform this little tiny linen closet, into a closet.  This closet is actually in the heart of our house, so it's not close to any windows, which means that it would remain cool, even in the summertime.  It was perfect.

I needed wine holders, so I found some insulated irrigation pipe, and cut it to fit - even more insulation to keep the wine cool.  I added some pieces of dry erase board to fit on the inside of the doors, so I could keep track of which wine we had, and numbered the wine "pipes".  It's perfect!

We refer to it as the "Wine Cellar", and we pretend we're walking down stairs when we go get a bottle!  Fun!!

Thanks for stopping by today (3 days in a row!!)!  Be sure to check out the other great ideas at Between Naps on the Porch!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Running in the Shadows!

I'm linking up today with a new blog that I just discovered recently for Shadow Shot Sunday!  Harriet, over at Hey Harriet hosts a photo blog every Sunday featuring...shadows!  

I love taking pictures, so I thought this was a great way to "show off" some of my favorite photos!  I love the shadow theme.  Be sure you check out the rest of the participants - you'll see some great pictures!

This photo was taken a few years ago on a day trip to the snow.  Baby Girl had just made her first snow man - it's a little tiny thing!  I took the picture in color, but then played with it and finally decided to switch it to black and white.  I love the different shades and shadows of the snow, and especially Baby Girl's profile and her fabulous curly hair!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Look at this...2 days in a row!  I'm off to a good start on my goal for 7 straight days of blogging!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hi!  It's me!  I'm back!  Yeah!!!  I don't even have an interesting story about why I haven't blogged for the past 2 months!  You know, you just get into a rut, and then you think to yourself, "Wow I haven't posted anything for a while!"  Then you're almost embarrassed to post because it's been so long, then after a while, you don't even look at your blog - it's just too embarrassing!  

Here's the great part - today, when I finally got back to my blog, I had 2 new followers!  Exciting!!

So, here's a quick recap...

1)  Started running again...even signed up for a training group!

2)  Ran 2 races in the last month!

3)  Kitties are growing!

4)  Daughter's ringworm finally disappeared - I'm saying that it just disappeared!  We're talking December to March!  Thank goodness that it was on her side and not somewhere in the mine (see #5)!

5)  Got ringworm - on my cheek!  It wasn't a bad case, and it cleared up in about 3 weeks with Tea Tree Oil!

6)  Found out the cost for my speeding ticket...$231.00 plus $65.00 to get permission to attend traffic school plus $18.00 for online traffic school!  Total cost of a heavy foot...$314.00

7)  Going to have my first give-away!  So excited about it!  More information coming soon!

Well, that's what's been happening!  And, here's my goal...let's just see if I can do it...I'm going to blog for 7 days straight! 

So, stop by and see if I can reach my goal!

Thanks for stopping by today! 
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