Monday, April 18, 2011 Spurts!

Had a great run last Saturday with my training group.  8 miles on a new route.  I was running with a gal that I met in the training group - Running Buddy 2!  So RB2 and I got to talking about intervals.  She's been running about a year (I think) and has been running around 4 minute intervals, with a 1 minute walk.  I'm running 7 1/2 minutes with a 45 second walk.

We started talking about how running the intervals seems to have given us more endurance.  When I first started running, about 2 1/2 years ago, I didn't run intervals.  I ran a 5k race in about 32 minutes.  Running Buddy 1 got me running intervals.  She trained with Team in Training and that was how they trained for a marathon.  Ultimately she was running 9 minutes with a 1 minute walk.  So, after I started running intervals, I ran that same 5k race a year later in 29 minutes. 

I really think that the intervals have helped me build that endurance and faster speed.  However, our trainer, the Running Ghost, doesn't seem to be a fan of intervals.  He has "encouraged" both me and RB2 to move away from the intervals. 

Here's my question to all you runner's out there...How do you feel about intervals?  Are you using intervals?  Have you seen benefits with them?

Thanks for stopping by today!  I have a 10 mile race next Saturday - so excited!


  1. For me, it depends on the distance and how I feel. Anything 6 miles or over, I use intervals. I just think it's a smart idea. Even on and "off" day I'll use intervals for shorter distances too. Intervals helps keep running enjoyable for me, and in the end that is what's important. So, I would say, if you like the intervals keep using them. It's YOUR run, after all!

  2. I think intervals are so great and I especially love to read and hear stories about runners who use them for marathons- it really helps me not feel too much like a wuss.:-) good luck on the ten miler next weekend!

  3. After I got injured this fall, I started running intervals! First I did four minutes running, 1 minute walking, which is what I did for my half in January. For the marathon I just rain, I ended up doing about 1 minute of walking in every mile that I ran. I find that it's definitely great for the first half but after that my body just doesn't really want to keep switching between running and walking.

    Good luck with your 10 miler!

  4. It's such an individual thing, really! I think only you know it something works for you or doesn't. Personally, when I work out or run, I don't like resting in between. I'd rather have a very rigorous and intensive workout/run and be done with it faster, and it seems to bring the best results for me. But then again, people say you should work out in the morning, but I cam't 'cause it makes me sleepy, so I always do quite late at night.


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