Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hi!  It's me!  I'm back!  Yeah!!!  I don't even have an interesting story about why I haven't blogged for the past 2 months!  You know, you just get into a rut, and then you think to yourself, "Wow I haven't posted anything for a while!"  Then you're almost embarrassed to post because it's been so long, then after a while, you don't even look at your blog - it's just too embarrassing!  

Here's the great part - today, when I finally got back to my blog, I had 2 new followers!  Exciting!!

So, here's a quick recap...

1)  Started running again...even signed up for a training group!

2)  Ran 2 races in the last month!

3)  Kitties are growing!

4)  Daughter's ringworm finally disappeared - I'm saying that it just disappeared!  We're talking December to March!  Thank goodness that it was on her side and not somewhere in the mine (see #5)!

5)  Got ringworm - on my cheek!  It wasn't a bad case, and it cleared up in about 3 weeks with Tea Tree Oil!

6)  Found out the cost for my speeding ticket...$231.00 plus $65.00 to get permission to attend traffic school plus $18.00 for online traffic school!  Total cost of a heavy foot...$314.00

7)  Going to have my first give-away!  So excited about it!  More information coming soon!

Well, that's what's been happening!  And, here's my goal...let's just see if I can do it...I'm going to blog for 7 days straight! 

So, stop by and see if I can reach my goal!

Thanks for stopping by today! 


  1. Yeah! She's back! Bummer about the ticket. Setting my cruise control.

  2. Welcome back! :) Great news about the running and races and getting rid of that ringwarm thing!


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