Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Just finished my Tuesday tempo run - ugh!  It felt very random - felt good for a while, then...not so much!  I don't think Cake Pops are actually an energy food, and that's pretty much what I was feasting on today!  Randomly, here are my latest creations!  I'm totally stealing ideas from Starbucks, who obviously stole their ideas from someone else!  
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Rocky Road

Sprinkles and Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean
Random Thought #1
Finally finished my traffic ticket saga.  Attended traffic school - online!  Truly, the only way anyone should do it.  Years ago I went to an actual  "sit down" traffic school - pure, slow agony for 8 hours.  Online, it took me about an hour, and here's some factual tidbits I learned.  Did you know...

1) A commercial truck driver can register a 0.01% blood alcohol level and still not be cited!  Um, should a commercial truck driver be drinking at all?

2)  Bicycle accidents cost over 8 billion dollars a year.  Thank goodness I don't own a bike anymore - I couldn't afford it!

3)  A motorcycle helmet should fit snugly...I had to pay to find that out?

Random Thought #2 (Warning...if you don't want to read about bodily functions, please skip to #3)

My stomach was a little upset during my run...in a "gassy way" (sorry).  

 This hasn't really happened to me before, but I was "passing some gas" during my run.  I kept hoping that everyone I ran by had an iPod blaring in their ears so they wouldn't hear me.  Does this every happen to anyone else?

Random Thought #3
I  love my moon roof!  

I especially love to open it in the evenings.  Love that cool air coming through the roof, and some good music on a CD.  I'm listening to Bonnie Raitt lately - love her bluesy voice!

Ok, your turn...what's randomly going on with you?

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Perhaps cake pops and running do not agree with each other!

    Worker Bee got pulled over for speeding yesterday, who talked the officer out of the ticket? Sorry, just so happy we don't have to pay for the ticket.

    More random, so wish I has gotten the moonroof. Didn't because we did not want under any circumstances the DVD player aand it only came with thet DVD. Bummers.

  2. I was shocked the other day when is saw cake pops at Starbucks! Totally mooching off bakerella's idea!

    So weird to think of Starbucks chefs reading blogs.

    And yeah...that sometimes happens while running. It's life...what can you do?


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