Thursday, April 7, 2011

Running with 3 things!

Today I'm going to institute my own little version of "3-thing Thursday"!  I want to share 3 tv programs that I can't live without these days!
  1.  Top Shot - I'm not a gun owner, nor have I ever fired a gun, but this show is very entertaining!  Every week the contestants learn about and use some kind of weapon.  Of course, they have pistols and shot guns and military rifles, but they have also used blow guns, tomahawks, and bowie knives!  It's very cool to learn the history of all these weapons and see how an expert pistol shooter suddenly performs when they have to deal with popping balloons with a dart gun!  And yes, that's Colby from Survivor!  He's the host.  I liked him on Survivor, but he can be incredibly irritating on Top Shot.  He narrates the contests each week.  Something like, "Sam misses his first shot.  Sam hits his next shot.  Oh, Sam missed his third shot.  Sam hits the fourth shot."  You just know that at some point during the season, someone is going to think about shooting him, just to put the viewers out of the misery of listening to him!  (not really - hope it never happens)

2.  Justified - Oh, my.  This show is really, really good!  U.S. Deputy Marshal Raylon Givens is the main character - a man who straddles the line between right and wrong.  He's very sexy, and cool, and...well you get my meaning.  The actor has been in a bunch of other shows and movies - Die Hard (the last one), Deadwood (HBO), Hitman (movie).  He's really good on this show!

But, the character of Boyd Crowder is so good too!  He's a criminal, torn between Jesus and crime!  But he is just hilarious at times with his twang and reasoning behind everything he does.  The actor is really good!  Last season he preached in a little "backwoods" church - just fabulous!  You've got to rent last season's episodes - I think last season was better than this season.


3)  Modern Family - hysterical, hilarious, pee-inducing funny!  (Almost always!)  I love every character on this show.  I think I've seen myself in every single one of the characters!  Yes, even the gay couple! I love Gloria's character, but sometimes she borders on shrill and stereo-typed.  I hope the writers don't go there very often! 

I'd love to hear what shows you've been watching lately!
Thanks for stopping by today!  (Do you realize that this is the 6th day in a row for my blogging?  I'm so excited!  One-more-day!  I-can-do-it!)


  1. Parenthood. Best show on TV right now.
    I love Modern Family. Reality: The Amazing Race is my favorite.

  2. Oh yeah, I love the Amazing Race also - my kids love it too!

  3. Worker Bee adores Top Shot, but I can live without it. It might be that narrator! I love me some Top Chef. Can't get enough of that show, well it would be great if WE could taste the dishes too. Hmmmm......what else.....oh yes - Modern Family is hysterical. But - my favorite - even though they are doing Lady Gage soon - is GLEE! I love Glee! I am a full-fledged Gleek! I am always downloading the songs off of iTunes and Baby Bee and I love listening to their music. (She doesn't get to watch the show too often though - not quite appropriate for a 4th grade.)


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