Saturday, August 27, 2011

Running with Shadows!

I love my kitties!  They give me such simple joy.  When our last kitty died in November, we lived 6 weeks without a little 4-footed friend in the house.  It was lonely.  The cats have always greeted me at the door when I come home.  Don't get me wrong - I love my kids and hubby.  But, there's just something special about a pet.

So, for Shadowshot Sunday, I present to you...Sophie and Jack.  They love to look out the backyard slider...and dream of chasing a bird or a butterfly!  I love the morning shadows on the lawn and patio.  Wow, I wish I could have sat there all morning and enjoyed a mocha...sigh... Hope you enjoy this picture as much as I do.  (It took all my self-control not to turn this black and white!)

Don't forget to head over to Hey Harriet and check out the other shadows this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by today!  And, yes, an explanation for my month-long absence will be forthcoming!

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