Friday, December 31, 2010

Running to a New Year!

I actually love the end of the year.  It's a great time to look back and reflect and to look forward and decide what you want to do differently.  

So, I going to use this beautiful New Year's Eve Friday to look back at 5 of my favorite things from this year!

1.  Favorite book - 
I'm amazed that I've been able to read a lot of books lately - but The Help has been my favorite one this year.  What a great story about 4 very different women.  The author set the story's background the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, and all the character's lives are dramatically changed because of their place in time.  I've heard it's going to be turned into a movie - I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing...

2.  Favorite movie - 
No, it's not just a movie for kids!  It was the sweetest little movie ever - and I cried when I saw it in the theater and then I cried when we watched it on DVD.  It really makes you think about when to let go and move on. (I'm tearing up just thinking about it!)

3.  Favorite piece of advice - "Don't run someone else's race."  Got this advice in the book Born to Run.  The author was literally saying to keep pace for yourself - don't get sucked in to keeping up with another runner who is not running your pace - you'll blow it before the race is over!  But really, I think it's great advice for life itself.  Be true to who you are - and run your own "race"!  Don't do something just because someone else is doing it!  Be happy with who you are - keep your own pace!

4.  Favorite t-shirt - Ok, I have to admit that it's my own t-shirt.  

I found this at the race expo for the Two Cities Race.  It really made me laugh - and I figured that when you're in the middle of a long race, you really need something that is going to make you smile!  I wore this to the Big Sur Half in November.  Lot's of people laughed and said how much they liked it!  It made people smile - so it was truly a good buy!

5.  Favorite race - The Big Sur Half Marathon.  It isn't really in Big Sur - it's in Monterey and Pacific Grove.  The race course runs through downtown Monterey and out to the ocean.  
You run about 8 miles oceanside!  Simply the most beautiful scenery you could imagine!  This year runners came from 40 different states and several different countries!  You've got to try it - it's breathtaking - in many ways!

I hope you have many good memories and many favorites to look back on yourself as this year closes out!  I'd love to hear about them! 

May you be blessed in many ways in 2011!   Thanks for stopping by - and have a very Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Running like the Fonz!

(If you don't know who this guy is...uh, just stop reading here.)  So, I'm ordering my pictures from the last few races I was in, and there it was, staring back at me...I run like the Fonz!  Now, that's not to say I run in a leather jacket, or that I run and say, "Ayyy!" to everyone around me, or that I even say "Sit on it!".  No, no, what I've discovered is that I run with my thumb up!  Do I run like the wind?  No.  Do I run like an Olympian?  No.  I run like the Fonz!


This really hit me in the last week, when I was running on vacation.  Hubby and I went to Monterey and as I was running on one of my favorite trails, people kept nodding at me and giving me a "thumbs up"!  I thought, "Wow, people are really friendly this early in the morning."  Then I noticed my full Fonzie mode.  Turns out it was me that was giving first "Howdy-Doo" with my thumb.  I really need to get a handle on this. 

But then I saw this picture on the internet.  It changed my whole outlook!  I don't run like the Fonz...I run like Julia Roberts!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Running with Vintage Thingies!

I am linking up with the Colorado Lady for Vintage Thingie Thursday today!  

I wanted to share some Fabulously Vintage Christmas ornaments.  These ornaments are over 40 years old - I think that qualifies as vintage.  My parents bought them for my sister and I when we were very young.  My parents still put them on their tree every year.  Actually, my parent's tree is more ornaments than tree!  My dad decorates it and he leaves nothing behind!  

This always reminded me of a delicious upside-down ice cream cone! It was always my favorite when I was little!
She's lost some buttons through the years!
These were bought at Liberty House/Rhodes way back in the early 70s.  If you grew up near the Central Valley in California, then you may remember this department store. It's been out of business for about 25 years. They had a beauty salon in the store and they sold everything, even books!  I bought my first training bra here!  (I don't even know why I'm mentioning that, but it would probably qualify as "vintage" if I still owned it!) 

Thanks for stopping by on Vintage Thingie Thursday.  Be sure to visit the Colorado Lady and see what other fantastic finds are being shared on this Thursday!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Running with Craftiness!

I used to be very crafty - the "artsy" kind, not the kind associated with scoundrels.  Rather, I should say, I used to have time to be crafty.  The kids came along and I just haven't devoted the time like I used to.  So nowadays, when I can be crafty very quickly, I jump on it!  So here's my latest crafty Christmas project! 

So simple!  I saw these last year at a friend's house.  You need glass blocks - the kind that are used in bathroom walls/windows, a string of lights (colored or white), and some ribbon!  EASY!!  Last year I had my dad drill holes in actual glass blocks, but this year I found pre-drilled blocks at Lowes!  I found them at the end of October and in just a few weeks they were gone!  Note to self:  go to Lowe's next October and stock up!

Now, here are 2 projects that I did over 12 years ago - "pre-kids"!  I took some painting classes at a local craft store and really enjoyed it, and then did these on my own.  I would love to get back to this - someday soon!

Hope your Christmas season has been crafty for you - and that you are blessed with family and friends during this season of Christ!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Running with My Favorites!

I'm going to celebrate this Friday by sharing one of my new favorite things! 

I love Starbucks, but since I bought a Starbucks espresso machine a couple years ago, I don't frequent Starbucks as much anymore (it saved me a lot of money too).  But...luckily, a friend gave me a Starbucks gift card and I bought myself this delicious little drink called a Caramel Brulee Latte!  Oh, my, goodness!  Does drinking this 3 days in a row make me addicted?  It is so tasty!  It has this amazing "carameliz-y" taste - just like the top of a exquisite creme brulee - you know - one that's been torched!  I think this is a limited time drink - so I need to drink as much as I can before it goes away!

So, what are you drinking lately?

Thanks for stopping by today!
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