Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Running with Craftiness!

I used to be very crafty - the "artsy" kind, not the kind associated with scoundrels.  Rather, I should say, I used to have time to be crafty.  The kids came along and I just haven't devoted the time like I used to.  So nowadays, when I can be crafty very quickly, I jump on it!  So here's my latest crafty Christmas project! 

So simple!  I saw these last year at a friend's house.  You need glass blocks - the kind that are used in bathroom walls/windows, a string of lights (colored or white), and some ribbon!  EASY!!  Last year I had my dad drill holes in actual glass blocks, but this year I found pre-drilled blocks at Lowes!  I found them at the end of October and in just a few weeks they were gone!  Note to self:  go to Lowe's next October and stock up!

Now, here are 2 projects that I did over 12 years ago - "pre-kids"!  I took some painting classes at a local craft store and really enjoyed it, and then did these on my own.  I would love to get back to this - someday soon!

Hope your Christmas season has been crafty for you - and that you are blessed with family and friends during this season of Christ!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Now I've always thought of you as the conniving kind of crafty! LOL I had no idea you knew how to paint like that. We really need some craft time together! Whatcha' doin' next week?

    Love the glass blocks. Where did you put them? Or did you give them away? Boy your dad can do anything.


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