Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Running like the Fonz!

(If you don't know who this guy is...uh, just stop reading here.)  So, I'm ordering my pictures from the last few races I was in, and there it was, staring back at me...I run like the Fonz!  Now, that's not to say I run in a leather jacket, or that I run and say, "Ayyy!" to everyone around me, or that I even say "Sit on it!".  No, no, what I've discovered is that I run with my thumb up!  Do I run like the wind?  No.  Do I run like an Olympian?  No.  I run like the Fonz!


This really hit me in the last week, when I was running on vacation.  Hubby and I went to Monterey and as I was running on one of my favorite trails, people kept nodding at me and giving me a "thumbs up"!  I thought, "Wow, people are really friendly this early in the morning."  Then I noticed my thumb...in full Fonzie mode.  Turns out it was me that was giving first "Howdy-Doo" with my thumb.  I really need to get a handle on this. 

But then I saw this picture on the internet.  It changed my whole outlook!  I don't run like the Fonz...I run like Julia Roberts!


  1. Man, I love it when you make me laugh out loud! Go Julia....er.....Cathy!

  2. This made my morning! Thanks for the laugh. Love it.

  3. Ha! I totally do this too! I did a post a while back about all my crazy hand moves while running. :)

  4. that is wayyyy too funny!
    i think i do that too! lol

  5. So funny! If you noticed some of my running photos I tend to hold a loose fist with thumbs up too. Funny I never really thought about it but now I'll laugh each time I see myself doing it in race photos. Ayeeee!

    thanks for letting me know you stopped by my little journey. And running ultras with "ease" might be an overstatement. But they sure are fun!

  6. I run like the fonz too! I am going to start to say Ayyy as I run now! lol

  7. Haha you crack me up! Love it.

    Right now, with my calves the way they are, I'm pretty sure I run like a crack addict. Not sure what that means exactly. But it just seems fitting. My legs going every which way to avoid pain.


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