Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Running with Socks!

Hello, my name is Cathy.  Hello Cathy!  I'm going to admit to my addiction...I'm socks.  Thanks for sharing that Cathy.  Admitting your addiction is the first step to recovery.  Wait, um...I'm not sure I want to recover from this one!

I do love running, but I think that part of my love of running is the accessories!  See when you run, you must have a good pair of shoes (I love shoes), and you must have great socks to go with the great shoes!  And, since socks aren't nearly as much as shoes, I figure buying socks is a real bargain!  Right?!?

So, here is some of my collection...  

My mother bought these for me. She has a pair just like them.
Somehow, that doesn't thrill me!

 I love these!  They grab the middle of my feet!  Love that!!

 These are my favorite!  I love the low cut - and the purpleness!

 I love the Thorlo Pads!  They grab my feet and seem to massage them!  Is there a tiny little man in there rubbing my feet?

So, my kids saw me taking pictures of my socks - they think I'm nuts!  Enjoy!  

Now, tell me, what running accessory are you "addicted" to?

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  1. hahaha, nonbloggers never understand the need to take pictures of the most inane things for the entertainment of others :)! Love the socks!

  2. Accessories are definitely an awesome part of running. And while I don't have many pairs of socks, I have a mean collection of dry-fit shirts.

  3. Where are you? The picture of your sock on my sidebar is getting old! LOL We miss you in blogland!

  4. Hi! Thanks, first off, for having a link to my blog! I do love socks, but the thing I'm most addicted to is my Nike+ band. Can't see to run without it. I'm always on the look out for good socks, though and those Thorlo's look nice.

  5. I have a couple matches to yours. I don't like the way the Thorlo's hug my arches, though. Balega's are my new favorite socks. I have the Hidden Comfort ones and they are unbelievable.

    If I have a running addiction, it is probably holding on to old race shirts. I have some with holes, they're faded and some don't even fit, but I can't get rid of them.

    I'd love to buy running shoes like an addict, but I can't afford it.


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