Sunday, March 7, 2010

Running...on Healthy!

Our latest dinner with the Wine Gurus was another great meal and wine pairing event!  We went with a healthy theme this time around.  The Mrs. Wine Guru took her dinner recipe from the latest Food Network Magazine.  A healthy stir-fry was on the menu.  She choose our protein, our vegetables, and our sauce. 

Look at these beautiful shrimp!

Take a look at her gorgeous mise en place!

And viola, the final dish!

I know I haven't eaten this healthy in a long time!  And, everything was delicious!

Of course, being the Wine Gurus, we had a great pairing of wines.  The WGs belong to several - ok - many, wine clubs and the wines we had with dinner came from the Paso Robles Wine Region on the Central Coast of California.  We focused on white this evening to compliment the shrimp and fresh vegies!  Our first pairing was a Robert Hall Sauvignon Blanc vs. Eos Estate Winery Sauvigon Blanc.  They both had a clean finish, but the Eos Estate wine was declared the winner in this pairing.

Our next pairing was a Reynolds Family Estate Chardonnay vs. Eos Chardonnay.  This one was a split decision.  2 of us liked the Eos, and 2 liked the Reynolds wine.  I must remark that none of our wines were "flabby".  Flabby?  Yes, flabby!  It's a new wine term that we learned during this evening.  It means a wine is past its time and doesn't taste like it should have in its prime.  And, no, we discussed this term before we even started drinking, so it's not some word we just made up in a drunken exchange!

Finally, we had dessert.  Since the Wine Gurus hosted dinner, Hubby and I brought dessert.  Our choice this evening was a Linzer Torte!  Hazelnut and cocoa flavored crust with a raspberry filling!  We brought our own wine to share, not really intending to pair it with the desert, but the "Wine Gods" were shining down upon us and the Acacia Pinot Noir we choose was a perfect compliment to the dessert!  The Acacia had a deep, chocolatey, fruity nose (see, another wine word I didn't just make up - it's true!)  The Linzer Torte recipe was from the the latest issue of Food and Wine Magazine.  Very simple to make, and very delicious to eat!  Not too overpowering in sweetness, and the slightest hint of chocolate in the crust is just divine!!

And where did we find this great wine?  At one of our favorite haunts - Costco!  Believe it or not, Costco has a very fine selection of wines - at great prices too!

As our evening ended, we all had to agree that we are truly Red Wine fans.  But, make no mistake, we will keep searching for good Whites wherever we can find them!  

So tell me, what is your favorite wine - and what do you like to pair it with?


  1. I, too, am partial to reds. I haven't tried to many whites I like. Now I must confess - I know you're going to be shocked - but I buy wine for the label. Cute label? It's got me hooked. One day I will have to develop a better palate. Maybe you can be my wine guru.

  2. You have a beautiful blog. Thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog. One of my new interests is learning about wine. I have read some books and done some tasting but I consider myself a true novice. Believe it or not my new favorite wine is Ice wine. As you can tell I like sweet wine. I love to pair it with fruit and cheese. To die for. I wanted to let you know I am having a "Living, loving, and decorating" with books blog party
    on Friday. You can share your favorite reads or decorating and storing ideas.
    Have a good evening.

  3. Hi Carey,
    Here in Central California there is a winery called Quady. They have a wonderful sweet wine called "Purple". It is great served over crushed ice - it's an adult slushie! Thanks for becoming a follower!!

  4. Hello Cathy;
    Sounded like a fun evening. I am curious what vintages the wines were. I assume that the EOS Sauvignon Blanc was 2007. That should be what we have in the market currently.
    On the side note. I have been currently been drinking the Quady's Vermouth's (Delicious!).


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