Friday, September 3, 2010

Running...miles and miles...


44 - no, not the highway...

44 - no, not the European road...

 44 - no, not the story by Mark Twain...

 44 - no, not the 44th president...

It's how many miles I ran in August!!  

I've never examined my monthly miles...I was thrilled and surprised at 44!  44 miles could have taken me half way to Yosemite...but then I'd have to run another 44 to either come home or actually get to Yosemite...hmmm...

Here's a random thought that always comes to me when I fill up my car with gas at Costco (love Costco, and yes I just realized that it can't be a random thought if it always comes to me).  Costco is 6.5 miles from my house, but whenever I have to do my grocery warehouse shopping at Costco, it seems so far away.  I sometimes feel like I have to plan my whole day around a trip to Costco.  But then it occurs to me that I run 6.5 miles on Saturdays, and I've even run 13 miles in a race before.  Why does Costco seem so far away?

So here's what I've been thinking lately...I want to sponsor a half-marathon...I'll call it The Costco Half.  

Here's how it would go.  We would start at my house and run to Costco.  We'd have to schedule it to arrive about 1 hour after Costco opens--to get the samples of course.  (Because everybody knows that if you get to Costco right when they open, there are no samples available yet.)  

We would arrive at Costco and make our way through the samples, the food court, maybe order a set of tires while we're there, purchase a few Fleming's gift cards and movie tickets - since they could fit in our pockets - and then begin the 2nd leg of our half marathon back to my house.  Our 2nd leg would probably be a little slower than the 1st leg, due to the food intake we had for energy, but how can you turn down all those samples?  

Everyone would then get a goodie bag (love the goodie bags) with Costco gift cards, more samples, gas cards, a 1-hr early shopping pass, and some clothes.  We'd even have medals created from Costco membership cards! 

Anybody willing to sign up?  And really, you could just meet us at Costco for the samples, you don't even have to run!

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my wacky ideas - it's Friday, and I'm a little loopy right now!  And I haven't even had any wine (that's directed at you - Wine Gurus!)


  1. Dang you made me LOL! Now the family's saying, "What's so funny?" I think I'm a little loopy right now too. Don't you think it might really be a 14 mile marathon? Think about it - you must walk at least a mile inside Costco.

  2. Congrats on your own 44!! And I just love how you wrote this post - I must admit I kept wondering what this would end up being about hehe

  3. lol costco and samples. Thats all you needed to say. you had me at Costco.

  4. Congrats on your 44!

    This post is so funny because last summer, while I was living at my parent's house in Queens, I went to visit one of my friends in Brooklyn very frequently. I would be on the highway for 30 minutes sometimes just to go all of ten miles. Seriously. And I would always think, damn I should just run this. It wouldn't be faster, but it would definitely be more enjoyable. I love the sound of your Costco half marathon!

  5. Congrats on the 44 miles. I love me some Costco samples!

  6. I don't live anywhere near your Costco, or any Costco, for that matter. You really sound like you're motivated! Good for you!

  7. I love your blog!

    Have a nice time!

  8. Pretty sure I'm not near you, but otherwise I would be there! Running, Costco, *and* samples? Heaven!

  9. I think I would be up for just meeting at Costco and getting all the samples.


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