Monday, October 18, 2010

Running to Tiffany's!

So, let's start with the important stuff...
Running Buddy and I ran the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco on Sunday.  Challenging course (more on that later), gorgeous views, (more on that later too), great spectators (yeah, more later), but why did we run it?
For the BLING of course!  In case you aren't familiar...the Nike Half Marathon gives away Tiffany necklaces to all finishers!  This race is so popular that you must put your name in a lottery to be choosen.  Lucky us, we were choosen this year!
So, at the finish, when you look just fabulous after running 13.1 miles, there is a group of firefighters, dressed in tuxedos, holding silver trays with lovely Tiffany boxes on them.
This Mini Cooper was filled with Tiffany boxes!

Here's the "hunky" fireman who gave me my box!  (If you're not very cute, are you unable to get a job as a firefighter?  I've never seen an unattractive fireman!)

So, what's inside?

Wait for it...
Beautiful and totally worth running 13.1 miles for!


  1. Oh cool...what a neat keepsake.

  2. Jealous! I love it! You so deserve it. I can't wait to hear about the race and the course.


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