Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Running Outdoors!

I'm celebrating Outdoor Wednesday with a special highlighting of my son's collection.  Baby Boy is a collector.  He began collecting freeway signs and street signs several years ago.  He's only 13, but can navigate and bid on eBay like no one I know!

He actually found this sign at a local antique/collectables store.  I told him we could put it in the backyard, but I got to pick the location.  So, we ended up putting it at the end of the walkway to the backyard.  I thought it was funny that the arrow points to the fence - not the way to the backyard.  Baby Boy doesn't share my humor (sadly) and he wondered why we didn't make the arrow point the other way.  Having to explain my humor is complicated, so I just quietly walked away.

I think it's fun.  Not your traditional backyard accessory.

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  1. It is fascinating to learn what some of the younger folks interest are. You better be glad he enjoys this and not some of the things they tend to get into now.

  2. I love that! And yes, I love your sense of humor. Isn't it sad when kids don't understand their parents?


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