Monday, April 12, 2010

Running with Starbucks!

I've been trying to read more lately.  Hubby bought me a Kindle for Christmas, and how many books have I downloaded?  Uh, 2!  Yet, I have many books just laying around the house, waiting to be read.  But since I got my Kindle, I feel that I'm not "respecting" it if I pick up a real book!  Weird huh - I have to deal with my Kindle issues!!  My Kindle has so far been my New York Times reading machine - I love this newspaper, but do you know how long it takes to get through one edition?  Don't even get me started on the Sunday missive that challenges me each week!

So, during spring break I stopped accepting the dirty, possessive looks that my Kindle was giving me, and I boldly pickup up a book from my shelf!

How Starbucks Saved My Life is a story about a man who "had it all" - fancy, high paying job, big house, family money and connections...until he was laid off from his advertising agency in his 50s.  Too young to retire, yet too old to get "back in the game".  He finds himself in Starbucks, trying to hang on to his last few connections, when jokingly, the manager asks him if he wants a job.  He finds himself saying yes to a job that will change his life!

I loved how this book made me think about where I am in life, and made me question whether I'm too old to change!  (Wow, I'm 42 and I'm considering that I'm too old to change!! Scary!)

Michael finds that the life he knew wasn't as fulfilling as it could have been.  He also learns that we all need to take a leap and not be afraid of what's out there for us.

Three words of advice he offers up at the end:  1)  Leap with faith - don't huddle in fear;  2)  Look at people with respect - see each person you meet as an individual;  3)  Listen to your heart to find true happiness.  He ends his book with a wish for everyone to "create a life you love"!

And the best part?  Although Michael wrote a bestselling book - he still works at Starbucks!!

P.S.  As an added plus - this book gave a really interesting insider's view of the Starbucks Company!


  1. I would love to read that book. I love your suggestions. Will you be my book guru? :)

  2. Ya know what's even cooler? I've been to that Starbucks. My buddy lives in that town and he sees him in there all the time talking to people and such. I read that book too before I realized who that guy was and all that. Supposedly tom hanks was in talks to play him, I don't know where that all is. But I enjoyed it. A girl I dated gave it to me, I was skeptical, but glad I read it. Also check out "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" not NEARLY as fulfilling, but a really interesteing and really quick read.


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