Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Running and Catching Up!

I've got lots to catch up on, and since I'm on vacation, it seems like a great time to do just that! 

So, let's begin...I went to my high school reunion recently, not long ago, in early Fall - let's leave it at that.  Glad I went, but will most likely never go back again. 

I guess my expectations were a little high, I had a little scenario running through my head that I'd connect with someone that I just had a passing friendship with in high school, and maybe find a running partner or someone with whom I had more in common with since 25 years had passed - uh, nope!  

I did reacquaint myself with a gal that I thought was just so together in high school.  She always dressed so amazingly well, and carried herself with such poise.  We started talking, and she's as "normal" as anyone.  Has the same children, job, family issues as me and she was so "down to earth".  I'm so glad we got to talk that evening.

I also got to see an old friend that I had known since 7th grade.  She was always so stressed and upset about something in the 6 years we went to school together.  She had a really strict (on the verge of abusive) mom and I swear, I thought she would either run away and end up living on the streets, or do herself some harm.  But, she was doing really well with her life.  Had 3 boys, working on her Master's Degree, and happy with her life.  That made the night worthwhile.

And I have to be honest, I was hoping that the gals would all be fat and the men bald...I was right on the 2nd one.  The girls I went to school with had really taken care of themselves, but the guys - wow, there were so many bald heads there I couldn't believe it!  It made me wonder...when do men get to the point that they just say, "I don't have enough to keep growing, I'm just going to shave it all off!"  Bald looks good on some people, say, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, but not so much on the class of 1985!

And, lastly, the "stupid and loud" girls that I went to high school with, uh...still stupid and loud!  The only difference seemed to be that now they could legally purchase their alcohol!  Sorry, being 43 and acting like you're 23 just doesn't work anymore!

Finally, at the end of the night I got a voice mail from Baby Girl, with her breathy 10 year old voice, saying, "Mommy, when are you coming home?"  I know right then that while high school was a nice place to visit, there was only one place that mattered to me now - home with my family.  The biggest "Ah-hah" of the night - I really like who I am and where I am in my life right now!  And it just took 3 hours of the past to help me realize that!

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  1. My five year reunion is actually tonight and I don't think I'll be going. Five years is just a little too soon, I think. Not enough has changed and I'm just not in the mood to see how absolutely no one has grown up at all. (And judging from facebook...uh yeah. No one has grown up at all.) It's nice that you realized how important your family is to you though!


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