Saturday, November 27, 2010

Running...and running...crazily!

I love races.  It's the crowd - so many people, (wanting a goody bag), with 1 destination in mind - the finish line!  I actually love trying to beat my times, and in this, my 2nd year of running, I have been beating my times - it's just the energy of so many runners!

In the last 6 weeks, I've run 5 races!  I think I stretched myself too thin.  But I have been so excited about running!   Here are highlights of some of the races!

Susan G. Komen - I ran the 5k with Baby Boy and the 1 miler with Baby Girl.  I'm so proud of both of them for running!  Baby Boy could leave me in the dust, but he doesn't realize it yet!  I can keep up with a 12 year old, but when I start running with a 16 year old - he will finish before I even start sweating!

Baby Girl's Girl Scout troop volunteered to cheer on the runners and to hand out medals!  The girls got to meet a local (retired) NFL player - Lorenzo Neal.  He last played for the Chargers.  The girls were very excited! 

Baby Boy and I did a relay for the local Half Marathon.  5.5 miles for him, 7.6 for me.  We didn't run together since it was a relay, and Baby Boy was not happy about that.  But he ran really well - 8:48 minute miles and I was so full of pride watching him at the end of he leg!  He loved it!  We both got great running shirts, a beautiful medal, and a finisher's sweatshirt!  Talk about great swag!!  He was so proud of the medal.  He ran cross country for his middle school, and never got even a ribbon for his finishes, so this medal was very special to him.

Together we ran the half marathon in 2 hours!  So proud of him!  I love running with Baby Boy!  

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  1. Great job running! How special to run with the children. I know what you mean about doind it with them. It is more special.:) Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  2. Aww mega congrats! you guys are adorable. I hope that my kids want to run with me someday!


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