Monday, May 9, 2011

Running...a long way!

2 weeks till my next half marathon!  I'm very excited about this one because I have been involved with a training group.  We've been doing speed workouts once a week, and I can truly tell that I'm getting faster and have more endurance!  Our trainer, Kyle, predicted that I would shave off about 10 - 12 minutes from my PR for a half marathon!  EXCITING!!

We had our long run last Saturday - 12 miles! Really?  12 miles  -  to train for a 13.1 mile run?  That was different for me.  I've never run that close to the final mileage.  I think the farthest that I've run for training before a 1/2 marathon is 10 or 11 miles.

It was a good run - nice slow pace.  I ran with Running Buddy 2- we always seem to have a good conversation.  She was heading to a Kentucky Derby Party - I hope she wore a good hat!

So, here's a question for you:  How many miles do you train up to for a half-marathon?  I've also been thinking about running a marathon in the next year.  I was always concerned about getting up there in the mileage.  I'm not sure how often I'd have to run 20+ miles. 

So, here's another question for all you marathoners out there (I bow down to you)...How many miles do you train up to for a marathon?

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  1. I just finished my first full marathon this past weekend so I am by no means an expert...but my longest run was a 24 mile. I also did three 20 milers a 21 miler and a 22 miler.

    For my half marathons I alternated doing 13 miles one weekend and 10 miles the next...and I did that for about 2 months.

    But...keep in mind...I AM A FREAK!

    Good luck!!

  2. I have only done one marathon and my longest run was 20 miles. With that being said when I do another one someday I would up that at least to 22 miles. I was good until I hit 22 miles than my running partner and I started to feel the pain alittle in our legs and by than I was tired of running. We popped some IBP and went slow. We were finishing even if we had to walk across that finish line. We did it in 4.38. We were happy with that. I had so much fun. I read in a post you are losing your running partner. I'm sorry to hear that. I have had a few running partners and it is hard to find someone that runs the same pace as you. I recently lose mine to her getting a job. I have found another running partner but it is never the same as the one you had. I hope when my old running partner get here work schedule figured out, we will be back hitting the pavement. Found your blog from another blogger. Look forward to following your blog.


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