Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Running with Dr. Seuss...

My 2 favorite parts of Christmas are 1:  putting the tree up and 2: taking the tree down.  That sounds weird, but by the end of the Christmas season, I just want my house back - no decorations, no pine needles.  When it's done, it's done. 

Our tree this year was more "Seussical" than anything.  Not only was our star a "tad" askew, but we had creatures inhabiting our tree. 

So, here's my take on a little "Green Eggs and Ham" for Christmas!

Cats in the Tree

Cats in the tree, Cats in the tree
What do I see?  There are cats in the tree!
Should there be cats in the tree?
Oh my, oh me, where should they be? 

Cat in the wash, cat in the wash,
Oh my gosh, there's a cat in the wash?
In the wash, he should not be,
Well, at least he's not in the tree!

Cat in the sink, cat in the sink,
I need a drink, there's a cat in my sink.
Not in the wash, not in the tree,
Where oh where should this cat be?

Cat in my bed, cat in my bed,
I'm out of my head, there's a cat in my bed!
Not in the sink, not in the tree,
Let me think, where should he be?
Cat on the loo, cat on the loo,
I don't know who, put the cat on the loo!
In the wash, in the tree
Can someone see where this cat should be?
At last I see, where this cat should be,
Not in the wash, not in the tree,
But, sleeping with
My sweet Baby!

Hope you had a wonderful, blessed Christmas!
Thanks for stopping by today!

P.S.  All of the cat pictures were taken by Baby Boy and Baby Girl and were not discovered by me till I downloaded my photos!  


  1. How cute was that!! I loved your suessical post!! :)
    our star was a tad askew too! lol
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! :)

  2. LOL...Loved this post. I hope you had a great Christmas!

  3. Haha so cute! You have some seriously complacent and agreeable cats!

  4. Good little kitties and awesome seussicalness! Our tree - our free tree - had the straightest top I think we've ever had. (We got our tree for free from OSH! It's a long story......)

    Happy New Year! Enjoy your two more weeks. (sound of quiet desperate sobbing heard in the background)


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