Monday, February 8, 2010

Running Around in Hawaii

With the gloomy weather we've been having lately, I wanted to look one last time at my warm vacation in Hawaii.  Hawaii is just the most beautiful, relaxing place that I can think of...

 Morning on the beach

 My Baby Girl and I decided months ago that when we made it to Hawaii we would SURF!  Now, talking about surfing and actually going into a shark filled ocean are 2 very different things!!  But, my Baby Girl thinks I walk on the "wild side", so I couldn't back out!  We surfed with a company called North Shore Surf Girls.  The gal that owns the business drives an old 4 door diesel Mercedes with surf boards strapped to the top - so Hawaiian!!   I managed to stand up about 5 times and Baby Girl surfed longer than I did.   It gave me a new respect for surfers.  It seems so easy - just paddle out, find a wave, stand up and repeat!  No - it's not quite that simple.  Every muscle in my body ached after 2 hours of surfing, but - we had lots of fun!

The day after we surfed, we climbed Diamond Head - what a fabulous view!  Did I mention how every muscle ached after surfing?  Well, I found brand new aches after hiking up Diamond Head, 
but the view was absolutely worth it!

We visited Pearl Harbor during our stay.  It's amazing what quiet and reverence is shown when everyone is gathered on the Memorial platform.  
So much to consider as you look down at the remains of the USS Arizona.

Our friend Bunny goes on vacation with us, actually, he goes everywhere with us!  Aren't you glad to know he had a good time too?

Well, now I'm back to reality, but my Hawaiian memories will last forever, 
especially through the rain predicted for this week!  



  1. Your beautiful pictures will be a nice retreat from this week's predicted weather.

  2. I love your pictures and Bunny is SOOO cute. I am suitably impressed that you and Baby Girl went surfing. That has always looked so fun. You sound like you are in love with Hawaii! I don't blame you. One day I'll get there.......

  3. Surfing has always amazed me because it seems prett simple in theory. Skinny scrawny guys do it. You paddle, you stand up you look cool. BUt what I didn't realize is those skinny scrawny guys are 100 percent muscle and cut to surf. And after trying it twice in 2 different corners of the world, I am pretty sure its gonna take me a lot more to "look cool." But your pictures on the other hand, those do look cool. Nice work!


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