Monday, February 15, 2010

Running...with a Bottle in Each Hand!

I've been open to drinking wine for a few years.  Every so often I'd order a glass at dinner or pick up a bottle that looked interesting, but didn't have really any idea about what I was drinking.  And, while I am loathe to admit it, I once ran with a crowd that ordered White Zinfandel - I know, I know, and I beg your forgiveness!

Well, my unsavory past ended when I started drinking with my "Wine Gurus".  The Wine Gurus love wine.  They own a plethora of bottles, belong to numerous wine clubs, plan wine vacations, and have a great affinity for reds, although, they embrace a good bottle of white as well.

But the amazing thing about the Wine Gurus is that they have introduced Hubby to wine.  They have turned his "bitter wine" face into a countenance of ethereal pleasure!  (You like those big words - yes, I used a thesaurus.)    

We have the most fun with our Wine Gurus when we hold our periodic "wine tasting competition" evenings.  We've done Oregon vs. California (Oregon was our winner on that one), Sonoma vs. Napa at  our local Fleming's Restaurant (that one was undecided), and our latest evening was spent comparing 2 World Market Pinot Noirs.  Blackstone 2007 vs. 2008.  We decided that they were relatively mild, but unremarkable, and ended the evening with a bottle of Castle Rock that we would definitely buy again.

We try to pay our respects to the wine tasting experience, and use "wine" words, like bouquet, nose, floral, earthy, front-end, back-end...  Our attempts to sound like true "Vinophiles" are usually abandoned by the end of the evening.  Believe me, the term "back-end" takes on a whole new meaning after 3 bottles of wine!

Hubby had the most marvelous quote from the evening, 

"Wine is the most enjoyable when shared with friends!"

So, here's a glass raised to my friends the Wine Gurus!  Love ya!

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  1. I think you should have hubby's quote emblazoned in your kitchen! I love it!


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