Monday, August 23, 2010

Running on Shoesday!

Summer's over!  IT SUCKS!  Kids are back in school...I'm back at work...we're starting that insane cycle where Baby Girl has activities 4 afternoons/nights a week, and Baby Boy has Cross Country practice till 5:15 every day!  We get home, fix dinner, go to bed...and start the same thing over again the next day!  I MUST STOP THIS INSANE ROLLER COASTER (and it's just the 2nd week of school)!

Anyway, I'm here to say goodbye to one of my favorite pairs of summer shoes!  (I know...I could've just started the post with the shoes, but then where would I have put my whiny paragraph?)  It's a "kicky" little pair of  navy blue flip-flops with a tiny little bow.  I used to have a great pair of white linen pants and a navy blue tank to wear with them...then white pants just didn't appeal to me anymore, maybe because after dry cleaning them several times they kinda turned yellowish!  Not so cute after awhile!


So, goodbye summer shoes - see you next year!

Thanks for stopping by on this end of summer Shoesday Tuesday!


  1. Those are kickin' cute! Really cute! Like don't we wear the same size (shoe that is)? Like can't I come raid your closet?

    Happy back to school and activity roller coaster!

  2. Your feet are way to cute to say goodbye to those sweet sandals!!


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