Saturday, August 28, 2010

Running...really badly!

My running has sucked this week!  Absolutely sucked!  It's hot...I'm back at work...and I'm having a hard time fitting in my weekday runs!

Now, when I say hot, I mean that for some unknown reason, Mother Nature has decided that she is going to roast us for 3 days!  Last three day's temperatures have been 104, 110, and 103!  How is that fair?  Do you know what it's supposed to be on Sunday?   81!  How can this be possible?

Running Buddy and I set out the other night - just to prove to Mother Nature that she didn't matter to us!  It was 8:30 at night, and still 99 degrees!  We managed 2 1/4 miles before we had to stop!  I swear, I could see the air!  You're not supposed to see air--right?

Last night I set out with Baby Boy.  He's running Cross Country at middle school and I figured that he could stand in when Running Buddy isn't available.  He was doing great - for about a mile.  Then he started to fall back.  Now, I'm a mom first, and a runner second, but I swear, I just wanted to leave him in my dust!  Then he started calling out, "Mum-ee! Mum-ee!  Mum-ee!"  I just wanted to run!  But of course, I ran back to him and slowed myself down.  We finished 2 miles in about 33 minutes.  And we had time together...yeah...we had time together...

Then, what do I say to him as we walk back home?  Hey, we can run again this weekend!  The words left my mouth before I could stop them!

I'm going to have to figure this one out!  

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  1. aww i love this story, i really want to go running on the beach ! when the sunsets, like in movies ! hahahaa


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