Monday, August 30, 2010

Running on Shoesday!

I'm celebrating Tuesday Shoesday with a Tuesday - No Shoesday!  Just can't let go of summer.  So I wanted to share my "toes on the beach" photos!

I love getting pedicures.  Mrs. Wine Guru and my wonderful friend "The Mason" and I meet just about every month for group pedicures!  For my birthday, Hubby gave me a gift certificate for a "family pedicure"!  You have to know what a feat this was (did you see my pun there?  Feat - feet - pedicures - ha ha!)  

How do you convince a 12 year old by to get a pedicure?  How do you convince a very "Non-girly-girl" to get her toes done?  Well, Baby Boy just loves attention - and really, you get a lot of attention when you're a 12 year old boy in a nail salon!  Baby Girl?  I promised her black nail polish - that did it!  And Hubby - he really enjoyed it! 

  What a wonderful gift - and here's the result!  
Notice the peace sign on Baby Girl's black toes?  Pink is just not in her vocabulary!

And you know what - all of them (well, except Baby Girl) have agreed to go back sometime!

Well, thanks for stopping by on Shoesday Tuesday!  Hope your summer is winding down peacefully!


  1. Cute post! The family that pedicures together stays together, right?

  2. What a great gift indeed! I love the peace signs too :) And well, even though she didn't agree to go back now... She might as well change her mind later in life ;-)


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