Saturday, January 29, 2011

Running Cool!

If you asked people I know to use a word to describe me, the word "cool" probably wouldn't make the top 10.  I'm funny, caring, and I wear great shoes, but cool - that would come way down on the list.  So, it really thrilled me that I did something totally cool on Friday night!  I went clubbing!  Not just visiting clubs, I went to the Grand Opening of a local night spot and saw a concert!  The Grand Opening Night - very cool!

I live in a city with a deteriorating downtown.  Over the years there have been grand promises to revitalize it - usually by out-of-towners.  One truly "genius" idea (notice the quotes - I really don't mean genius) was to build a Bass Pro store.  Now, I have nothing against those huntin' and fishin' people, but really, will a Bass Pro store revitalize downtown?  I think not - and thank goodness that idea died.  But in the last few years some locals have slowly been rebuilding our downtown.  Now we have some honest-to-goodness lofts and artsy areas that just may, slowly, be the guiding force to bringing back our downtown.  

Well, last night a 500 seat club venue called Fulton 55 opened near a new section of residential/business lofts.  And the opening act was a local musician named Patrick Contreras.  He plays the violin.  Now, stop yawning - I see you, and you over there - stop rolling your eyes!  He doesn't just play the violin - he takes his violin to places that violins have never visited - never even believed they could visit.  He plays rock and roll with his violin!  And it is...AMAZING! 

 I like the violin, but WOW - to hear him play it - I fell in love with it!  He made it haunting and rockin and toe tapping and hip grinding - and VERY SEXY!!  I mean REALLY, REALLY, SEXY!  (I'll be back in just a minute - I need to go splash my face with cool water - while I'm gone, check out this little clip.)

Ok, I'm back.  Did you hear it?  AMAZING!  He plays Hendrix and the Beatles, and many of his original pieces!

So - I'm feeling pretty cool right now - I should be over it by tomorrow!  But, if you live anywhere near the Central Valley in California - you must...must...check out Patrick Contreras - and Fulton 55!  I'm feeling very proud to support my local musicians and our newest club!  And guess what - I'm going back next Friday to hear some blues!  Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Wine Guru's - I'm going to change your names to Mr. & Mrs. Cool!  (At least till tomorrow!)

P.S. - Baby Girl wishes to thank all of you for your comments about her ringworm - she made $8.00 which certainly has helped to tolerate the "horrible shame" of her ringworm episode!  You can stop commenting now...please!


  1. He plays Hendrix AND the Beatles? A+ in my book!! :)

  2. Well you are WAY cooler than I am! I used to be a clubber...but am now kind of over it. But this guy sounds amazing...definitely going to check him out!

  3. Worker Bee and I were just talking about what a fun place that would be to go see a show. I haven't been to a club was the 90s. You ARE cool!


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