Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Running with...Ewww!

Ring - (noun) a circular object usually made of a precious metal, sometimes encrusted with jewels.

Worm - (noun) -a small, elongated soft-bodied animal

Ringworm - (noun) something that makes a mother feel guilty because she tries to treat it with clear nail polish instead of taking her daughter immediately to the doctor

Yes, we not only brought home 2 new kitty friends, we also brought home a fungus.  Baby Girl noticed a spot on her side, and thought it was from falling off her scooter.  Then it just got bigger...and redder...and rounder.  Ringworm!  Turns out Sophie carried ringworm into the house with her, but apparently it incubates for 2 weeks.  And, in those 2 weeks, Baby Girl caught it!

So, I looked on the internet to find out how to treat it - (the internet is great, but very dangerous too!)  I saw many comments about treating it with clear nail polish - kind of suffocating it.  It didn't seem to work for us, so we made a trip to the doctor.  I didn't know this, but ringworm involves no actual worms - thank goodness - it's actually just like athelete's foot.  We ended up getting athelete's foot cream to treat it.

At first I was kind of embarassed and felt bad about this, but most of the people I talked to had actually had ringworm at some point in their life!

Now I love my blogging - and of course, I wanted to blog about ringworm.  So, I got my camera out and told Baby Girl to lift up her shirt.  She looked at me like I had asked her to unscrew her head!  Well, Baby Girl made me a deal.  She said that I could blog about it if I gave her a dollar for every comment that I got.  Now, dear readers, please be generous - but not too generous!

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Cathy,

    When my daughters were about 8 and 10, they each invited a friend to go to the beach with them on vacation. There were the cutest ferral kittens at the cottage and by the end of the week, the girls were holding them. About a week after we got home, all four girls had ringworm. It was bad enough for my girls to have it, but I really felt bad that the other girls had it too. Until then, I had no idea that ringworm could be transmitted from animals.

  2. I am definitely a Google MD and would have done the same thing if it was me ;)

  3. Oh my gosh! What a frightening thing to discover. I, too, thought there were worms in ringworm, so I am glad that is cleared up at least!

    Is it difficult to treat?

  4. Oh no! Ringworm sucks..or so I hear..

  5. Ummmmm.......any tell tale signs we should look for here? I think Baby Girl made you a great deal. Here's another $1 for her!

  6. What a good sport. Hope things clear up soon!

  7. Put another dollar in the jar :)
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting ...
    Come again soon!

  8. I feel like we learned something the other day about how ringworm is super common...so don't feel bad! Hope she gets better soon!

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