Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Running on Rednesday!

I'm hooking up this week with Sue over at It's A Very Cherry World to celebrate Rednesday!  

Look at this little beauty!  

It's my Kindle.  

I'm having a very tumultuous relationship with my Kindle, and have been every since I received it (after months of begging) from Hubby at Christmas.

I love the red cover.  And I actually do love my Kindle.  But it also causes me dismay.  So here's my love/hate list for my Kindle!

1.  Love - Ok, I have to admit it...I love when people look at me and say, "Wow, is that a Kindle?"  (Vanity, thy name is...well...me!)

2.  Hate - I told a friend about a book that I read that I really enjoyed - Open by Andre Agassi.  She asked if she could borrow it - well, that's kind of a problem.  No more loaning of great books to friends!

3.  Love - I love reading the NY Times on my Kindle - I feel so "eco-friendly".  No trees have died for my love of the newspaper!

4.  Hate - "Next page" - there's nothing like the feeling of holding that book page between your fingers and waiting for the anticipation of turning it and finding out how the story unfolds.  Instead, I push, "Next page - or Previous Page" when need be.

5.  Love - Books - I don't have to drive to the store and purchase a book.  If a book comes out today, I can have it downloaded in seconds!  And, it's cheaper!  Hey, that's kind of "eco-friendly" again, no gas, no pollution...hmmm...

6.  Hate - Dead batteries - yes, I have to recharge my Kindle.  Never had the problem of a book not ready to be read yet.

Well, the truth is, I'm not going to give up my Kindle, and I'm not going to give up buying books.  I love wandering through a bookstore.  Just the smell of a new book brings me joy!  

So, I'll continue to struggle - I'm ok with it!

Don't forget to pop on over to It's A Very Cherry World to see who else is participating today!  

Happy Rednesday!


  1. That is an awesome red kindle you have there! Your cons are exactly why I just haven't even been tempted to get one of these. There's just something about that turn of the page, the nodding off and it's still there, and the no need to charge it. But your pros are making me at least think about getting one - sometime in the future.

  2. That is so cool!!!! My opinion of Kindles is still out....I am with you, I love the feel and textures of a book.....but if I got one I want one just like yours! :)

  3. Love the color of course. We have debated on whether do buy one and they have just lowered their price. I love the feel of real books and often I purchase second hand on amazon so it comes cheaper than a new purchase even with the shiping. I also use my library a lot. There would be the advantage of carrying lots of books on the kindle when you travel--my books take up a lot of room...but I don't know.

  4. Your Kindle is pretty! But call me old-fashioned, it's just not for me. I am a bookaholic. I love the look, smell and feel of books. But I think it's a great thing, and has lots of pros for lots of people. Enjoy yours!
    Happy REDnesday!

  5. We bought the iPad and I'm having problems with my thumbs, from holding it - they hurt! I guess I like it a bit too much or I've got carpal tunnel for the thumb. ouchers!

    Happy Rednesday!

  6. Nothing will replace actual ink on paper books. There are lots of pros to eBooks, like how many you can carry at one time, how to fit them in a backpack, how not to show off what you are reading in the waiting room, but as stated, the cons are some of the best aspects of books. Sharing with a friend, reading by flashlight, using them to decorate and personalize your space.

  7. ps. Billy says you need to retrieve your monkey!

  8. We are waiting for our iPad to come in, so it is interesting to read what others have to say about this whole phenom. I'm sure I will continue to order craft/art books, those are referance books but we don't usually keep our fiction. My husband reads a book or two a week and he is always trying to figure out who to give them to or donate. We love bookstore, if just to look, so I don't see that changing. So, I see us doing a bit of both.

  9. I'm envious of your "little beauty". If I had one I'm pretty sure that I would still buy paper books, too.
    Can you read it at the beach in the sun? Would you even want to take it near the pool?
    As you said, there seems to be lots of pros & cons.
    I have seen an iPad & those puppies are cool,too!

  10. You can read the Kindle in the sun! I was very surprised how readable it remains even on a beach - although I made sure I was a good distance from the water.


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