Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Running...away from Termites!

Well, here we are, all packed up and leaving - no, not because we're on our way to Hawaii or Carmel...no...our house is being - De-Termited!  Ok, I know that's not really a word.  I feel like we are evacuating - like on an old episode of MASH!

We packed up everything - food, medicine, wine, anything resembling food or medicine or wine - including the cat - who has only lived in one place all his life!  He's looking at me like - "Where are we going lady?"  All he knows is that the cat carrier means a trip to the vet, which usually means a cold glass stick up his butt!

I mentioned at a Girl Scout meeting last month (we were working on a Dollars and Sense badge) that we had termites, and we were saving money, and working extra to pay for the delousing fumigation.  Baby Girl was close to tears after the meeting - "I didn't want the girls to know we have bugs!" was all she could stammer out at me!  Wow - we have BUGS!  Yuck!  I should have kept my mouth closed!

But really, it's no shame to have bugs termites - just a shame to keep them - right?


  1. So where did you decamp too? How did you know you had the little buggers? We haven't our house checked since we bought it 14 years ago. Yikes!

  2. We decamped to the "Family Compound" and were treated like we had just shown up straight from Michigan after 2 years of not seeing each other!

    The termites left behind little brown droppings right above our white bathtub in the master bath - yeah, it's just what you think it is - and no, we haven't used the bath for quite a while!

  3. Is that your house for real?

    Infestation= bad.

    Photoshop Christmas Card opportunities with that picture = good!


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