Monday, June 21, 2010

Running...without Bunny

We lost our sweet little Bunny last month.  She passed away peacefully during the night.  We found her in Baby Girl's closet in the morning. 


Funny thing, she had her routine, and she never came into my bedroom when we went to bed.  But the night that she died, she came into the bathroom and just "talked and talked" to me.  I think she was saying "good-bye"!

We had to make Baby Girl understand that Bunny sought out a peaceful, safe, comfortable place to lay down for the last time.  The kids are both at an age where they really understand this loss, and there were tears for several days.

Hard to get used to not seeing Bunny on my bed everyday when I come home.  

Here's to you, Bunny!  Thank you for 17 years of love and companionship.  May you run free in heaven with all the other much-loved pets that have gone before you!


  1. Ahh - dear Bunny. I feel for you and your family. She was a beautiful cat and a sweet part of your family.

  2. So sorry to hear about Bunny.

  3. The loss of a furry family member is always so hard to adjust to. You become so use to those sights, sounds, and habits that they had. Especially after 17 years of love & companionship. Bunny will be there to greet you when you meet up again. Not gone...just gone on ahead.


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