Saturday, July 3, 2010

Running and Running...

So I've got less than 1 month till my next race in Santa Cruz - the Wharf to Wharf 10K.  I've been doing pretty good lately with keeping up with my miles, especially since I'm on vacation.  I'm trying something new to help me gain strength in my legs.  I've started using the stepper machine at the gym.  I did some research into weight exercises for runners, and I came across an article on the internet that suggested that doing leg presses and other leg machines doesn't really help with the kind of strength that a runner needs since those machines don't mimic the movements of your legs when you run.  It seemed to make sense to me, so I'll see where this leads me...hopefully to a quicker time for my next race!

I'm looking for speed!

Running Buddy had some minor surgery so instead of doing my long run by myself today, I decided to make some pancakes and read the paper!  Not the healthiest choice, but it sure felt good to sleep in today!
During my runs last week I noticed how great I felt during the first part of my run, but by the time I hit 2 miles, I felt like I had never run before - that feeling lasted for about 1 mile, and then towards the end of the 4 miles I felt like I could run 10 more!  

We'll see how next week goes, as I'm down to 3 weeks till my Santa Cruz run - I need to kick it up to 6 miles here soon!

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  1. Mmmmmbp! Mmmmmmbp! You go girl! Everybody needs pancakes and sleeping in! Good luck with the training!


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