Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Running with Girl Scouts!

I'm celebrating Vintage Thingie Thursday with the Colorado Lady this week - and I'm asking for a favor (more on that later...).  I'm sharing some Vintage Girl Scout pins that belonged to my mother when she was a Girl Scout over 60 years ago.  I think they are great looking.  There's just something about the classic designs...who says everything must be updated - not me!!  The one in the middle has some paint missing, (so it's hard to see) but it's a hand making the Girl Scout promise sign.

I was a Girl Scout 35 years ago, and now my daughter is in Girl Scouts - she just completed her 5th year!  It's really a great way for girls to get to know other girls, learn about themselves and their abilities, and gain self-confidence!  I've been involved with my daughter's troop for 5 years, the last 2 as troop leader.  It's really been a privilege to see my "girls" grow from little Kindergarteners to upcoming 5th graders - they are growing up with such confidence and high self-esteem - I know it's in part to belonging to Girl Scouts.

So, here's the favor part...back when I was in 5th and 6th grade I spent a week of my summers at Girl Scout Camp.  Our local camp is called Camp El-o-Win.  
 The Entrance to Camp

It was my first time away from my family for such a long time, but I went with some friends from my troop.  We went horse back riding, hiking, swimming in a little creek with its own rock slide, and lots of singing and campfires.  It is a memory that I'll always treasure.
 This is a photo of a horse that was at camp when I was in 5th grade!
 This is the "swimming hole" called Strawberry where we slid down a rock slide to the water.
But through the years Camp El-o-Win had fallen into disrepair, and the wonderful bridge that connected both sides of the camp over Dinkey Creek was damaged.  The problem is that the only way the camp can be reopened for true residential one-week camps is to repair the bridge and reconnect it to the camp sites on the other side.

We have a wonderful Service Unit manager who with a group of concerned citizens called Friends of Camp El-O-Win fundraised/bought/maintained the camp property from the local Girl Scout Council and are trying to raise money to install a new bridge to connect both parts of the camp separated by Dinkey Creek. The bridge was damaged one winter and had to go.  The Friends Group has managed to raise enough money to purchase the camp, but not enough to repair the bridge.  Our wonderful manager has connected with Pepsi with the possibility of winning a $250,000 grant for Camp El-o-Win.  BUT, we need people to vote.

Here's how you can help.  Go to
and go to the the bottom lower left and sign in.  I did this just recently with my e-mail address and I haven't received any e-mail/spam from Pepsi, so as far as I know you just use your e-mail address to vote.  Do a search for Camp El-o-Win and click to vote.  In the last 2 weeks we have gone from #105 to #95.  You can vote for Camp El-o-Win once a day until July 31.  

So, if you were a Girl Scout, knew someone that was a Girl Scout, or just simply enjoy Girl Scout Cookies every year - we sure could use your help to keep the Girl Scout camping tradition alive for our girls! Thank you all you fabulous Bloggers out there!


  1. I was a Girl Scout and have some of my old pins still. What a great memory. I will vote to help restore the bridge. Good Luck!!

  2. I never got to be a girl scout. It's great to build self confidence and learn social interaction.

    Happy VTT!

  3. I never had the opportunity to be a Girl Scout. So I know nothing about the pins. At least they hold great memories for you.

  4. I was a Girl Scout for a brief period of time. Sounds like a great cause. Good luck!

  5. I was a brownie but never went to camp...but my sister did and loved it!

    I'm off to vote! Good luck!

  6. As a vintage girl scout myself, I will go vote right now. Camping was a big part of the whole experience.

  7. I still have some of my old Girl Scout stuff and am planning to do two posts with them "sometime."

  8. The WG's are on it. That's a beautiful spot...we're going to Dinkey in a few weeks for an entire week of reading, napping, lounging, wine tasting, napping, reading, eating, napping, and more wine tasting. Good luck with the bridge!

  9. Great pins...I was in camp fire girls and we had wooden beads...I think I'd like the pins better back then....what a fun time it was in these types of organizations. Have a great VTT!

  10. How wonderful that you still have your pins! I was a Blue Bird (and briefly a Camp Fire Girl) and I have fond memories of it, one of which was going to camp. Wishing you much good luck in your bridge project!

    Happy VTT,

  11. Thanks for the fond memories. I remember those pins. GS camp was my first, too. Great post.


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