Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Running and Wishing!

This week to celebrate Shoesday Tuesday, I'm displaying a fabulous shoe that I'm dreaming about right now.  I love hearts and red, and this shoe has plenty of them!  Aren't they divine?  I think my delicate foot would look amazing in this shoe!

They are Burberry - remember Burberry?  The brown, black, and red plaid scarves and overcoats?  They sure have come a long way!  Maybe, just maybe, if they see this blog they'll send me a free pair of these shoes?  I just love Burberry!!  Anyone listening...anyone?

Don't forget to head over to The Shoe Obsessed One to check out her fabulous shoes this week!


  1. Shut up. I die. The two times I've nearly broken an ankle have been in wedges. I'd still risk it for these beauties!

  2. Hi Cathy: Thanks for stopping for a visit. Yes, indeed, I remember Burberry. We have a huge one in Chicago. I have a classic black jacket with the classic lining. In fact, I've had it for years. It never goes out of style and it never looks worn. It has turned out to really be a cheap investment. Hope you get those shoes!!



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