Monday, July 19, 2010

Running with the Blues!

We spent a recent weekend with some friends at the Monterey Bay Blues Festival! Yes, it was the Wine Gurus, and yes, we do actually go some places without them!

We heard some really great music - my favorite was a gal named Ruthie Foster - what a voice! 

But truthfully, the Blues Festival is not about listening to the blues, it's about what you wear when you listen to the blues!  And, what people wear are hats - lots of fabulous hats!

Here's a sampling...

Here's my confession...we drove into Monterey on Friday night without any hats in our Sunday afternoon when we left, the 6 of us had 12 hats between us!  Yikes!!

My goal is to wear my fabulous hats whenever I have a chance!  They bring me joy!  We found these wonderful hats at The Carmel Hat Company.  They have a plethora of hats tucked into their little shop in Carmel, CA.  Check out their website and their store if you're ever nearby.  They have a great philosophy and a friendly way - and many of the hats are handmade by the wife of the couple that own the store.

Oh, by the way, besides the great music and fantastic hats, the Blues Festival has food - fried food - lots of fried food!  Hubby's dream came true when he got to eat a giant turkey leg!  

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. I wish I could were hats. They don't look good on me. Maybe I just haven't found the right. I will have to check out the website and see if I want to give hats another try.

  2. i am running my first marathon on the same day as u!!!!! ya for OCtober 17th! its gonna be a BIG day!

  3. You have won an award! Come to my blog here to receive it...


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