Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Running on Shoesday!

It's Tuesday Shoesday!  

Shoes bring me joy - I have to admit it!  I love walking around shoe stores - especially at Nordstrom's S.F. Shopping Center.  That's where I found these little beauties a couple years ago.  They are fun and the best part...they have red hearts!

Once again, I'm linking up with The Shoe Obsessed One over at A Mile in Mom's Manolos to celebrate! Thanks for stopping by and checking out Shoesday Tuesday! 


  1. Love. LOVE. Those red hearts.

  2. Very cute! And I just never knew before how much you were into hearts! The things we learn.

  3. Oh, lovely shoes!!!!! I am a shoe-aholic, literally....over 100 prs. I can never find clothes I like but can always find shoes! Thanks for visiting my blog...I'm off to enjoy yours. Please come visit again. I'm new at blogging and still so much to learn.

  4. My goodness, I'm LOVING those sandals..thanks so much for stopping by on my Fearless Friday post, ((hugs))

  5. Super cute shoes!

    BTW-Thanks for visiting my Rednesday gardening post. The leaves you asked about are zucchini leaves (on the right) and sweet potato squash (on the left.)


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