Friday, July 30, 2010

Running to a Massage!

Ahhh! There's nothing better than a relaxing massage.  I guess I'm a "toucher".  When I talk to people I like to touch them at some point in the conversation.  When I get a pedicure, I really like it when they massage my feet and legs.  And, I really enjoy that calming, healing touch of a really great massage!

Hubby has been getting me gift certificates from my favorite local spa for the last couple of Mother's Days.  I just love that Hubby!  So, I decided it was time to use my latest certificate and I called to make my appointment.

When I found a good date and time, the gal making my appointment ended my phone call with, "We have you scheduled with Christopher."

Here's what went through my mind with her parting words...

1.  Wow, Christopher's parents must have wanted a boy.

2.   Wait...Christopher's not a girl.

3.   I've only had female masseuses.

4.  A man...hmmm.

5.  He must look exactly like Antonio Banderas - tight white shirt, white pants...hmm...

6.  I am going to enjoy this!!

So, I go to my appointment with (I'm sure) a visible bubble over my head with Antonio's picture in it.  I walk into my favorite spa, and the receptionist greets me and I tell her, "I'm here for Christopher..."   What I didn't notice was the very young, "gangly" boy standing next to her, because I suddenly hear a voice that says, "Hi, I'm Christopher."

I swear...when the bubble popped - it was audible to anyone within 10 feet of me!  

Now, here's what went through my head...

1.  I could be his mother!

2.  He looks familiar...was he one of my former 1st graders?

Once I got over my shock, dissapointment, self, Christopher led me back to the gorgeous, candle lit, aroma therapized (like that word? I just made it up!) massage room, I settled in for a very relaxing, very wonderful 60 minute massage.  He wasn't Antonio, but he was good!  I swear, I was close to drooling - it felt that good!  

Massages...they really do feel like a perfect healing touch - and I love the touch...although I'd prefer that my "toucher" look like Antonio!  Oh well, I'll be seeing Christopher again next month...but I'll be dreaming of Antonio!


  1. That's hysterical! Glad he was good. I love pedicures, I get one about every six weeks. I don't do massages, I bruse really fast and well I'm too fat to feel comfortable but I do like a facial.

  2. I loved this post. I love your sarcasm and sense of humor. I laughed out loud picturing the "gangly" boy. :)


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